We Track, Analyse, Feed & Advise on the Effectiveness of 2.5+ million Marketing Strategies & Ads Each Year. Across 20 Countries Worldwide, 13 Industries
& 11 Languages.

CVP & Message Effectiveness Optimisation for Strategies & Campaigns

Fournaise AudienceTester® CVPs
The CVP & Message Effectiveness

Next Gen CVP & Message Effectiveness Optimisation Science to track the effectiveness of Umbrella, Product & Service CVPs on your audience – to then build “Winning” CVP Architectures around which more effective Strategies & Campaigns can be created.

100% Matrix & Scorecard-based

Creative Effectiveness Optimisation for Ads in All Media

Fournaise CampaignTester®
The Creative Effectiveness

Next Gen 6-KPI Creative Effectiveness Tracking to Test-Score which Ads creatively work (or don’t), on which audience segments and why – enabling you to then take the relevant corrective creative actions to maximise your Ads’ effectiveness.

100% Matrix & Scorecard-based

Campaign Effectiveness Tracking & Optimisation in All Media

Fournaise CampaignAnalyser™
The Cross-Channel Campaign Performance SUPER-TRACKER™

Next Gen 8-KPI “2D” Creative+Media Effectiveness Science to track Campaign Performance in All Media – analyse which 2D Creative+Media Combinations delivered and which ones did not. Run Predictive Optimisation Scenarios.

Traditional-Digital-Mobile Media

Latest News & Marketing Performance Updates

The Trouble with CMOs

An excellent Harvard Business Review (HBR) analysis on why CMOs never last. By Kimberly A. Whitler, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, and a Forbes contributor who has written for Ad Age and The CMO Council, and who is a 3-time CMO herself – in collaboration with Neil Morgan, the PetSmart Distinguished Chair in Marketing at Indiana University.
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83% of Marketers Neglect their Customer Value Propositions

83% of Marketers pay little attention to the Customer Value Propositions (CVPs) in their strategies, campaigns and ads. They do not practise CVP & Message Effectiveness Optimisation (MEO), and then wonder why their strategies, campaigns and ads underperform business-wise when deployed. That’s one of the findings identified by The Fournaise Marketing Group...
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76% of Marketers Track Effectiveness Wrongly

In today’s age of business performance 76% of Marketers still use the wrong Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and prove the effectiveness and ROI of their Marketing strategies and campaigns (and therefore prove their worth). That’s one of the findings identified by The Fournaise Marketing Group, one of the world’s leading Marketing Performance Measurement & Management (MPM) companies…
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Are CMOs Unfit for the Job? How the CEO Can Make a Difference

A Chief Executive interview of Fournaise's CEO & Marketing Performance Chief, Jerome Fontaine, by Kimberly A. Whitler from Indiana University’s Kelley Business School in the US. Kimberly is a Forbes contributor, has written for CMO.com, Ad Age, The CMO Council, Chief Marketer and HBR.org. Chief Executive is one of the largest publications for CEOs, Presidents, Chairmen & Top Management Executives in the US.
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